United Fall

United Fall

Led by Irish dance and theatre maker Emma Martin, United Fall's work is known for it's ambitious, multidisciplinary work of a highly visual and atmospheric nature.

Emma Martin began creating shows in 2010, following a sabbatical as a ballet dancer during which she obtained a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies and Russian from Trinity College, Dublin. From 2010 to 2014 she made work as Emma Martin Dance.

In 2015 she formed United Fall, under which she continues to collaborate with artists from dance, music, theatre, photography and design on an artistic path that is not limited to dance, but one which moves freely between all of these forms in order to serve the ideas and realisation thereof.

The shows have been presented by Dublin Fringe Festival, commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival and co-produced by Dublin Theatre Festival. 

United Fall is company in residence at Visual Centre for Contemporary Art and associate artist of Dance Ireland. 

Recent productions Emma has collaborated on include: Arlington (Landmark/ Galway International Arts Festival 2016, Abbey Theatre, St. Ann's Warehouse), Danse, Morob (Olwen Fouéré/ The Emergency Room), Taming of the Shrew (Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre 2016), Romeo & Juliet (Gate Theatre, Dublin 2015), Luck Just Kissed You Hello (HotForTheatre/ Galway International Arts Festival 2015), Teh Internet is a Serious Business (Royal Court 2014).