United Fall

United Fall

I’m an Irish choreographer making dances and shows that are sometimes too loud, too messy, too big. I've dedicated my life to making dances that are sweaty, rough, punk, muscular, raw, virtuosic, frenzied, ugly, intense. Dance to make your heart thump. It's all or nothing.

I used to be a ballet dancer, my first love, but we had to break up. So I wandered around happily lost in the unknown for while waitressing, drawing pictures, studying Russian, dancing for my own pleasure. 

I made my first show in 2010. I established United Fall in 2018. 

United Fall is: me/ Emma Martin (creator), Pádraig Heneghan (producer) and Peter Jordan (production)

I'm an associate artist at Visual Centre for Contemporary Art and Dance Ireland.

United Fall is generously supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Culture Ireland

Contact Emma: emma@unitedfall.com

United Fall's Producer is Pádraig Heneghan: padraig@unitedfall.com

Or we can all be contacted here: info@unitedfall.com





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